Tannhäuser, Baden-Baden 2008

Der neue Merker, Gerhard Hoffmann

Walter Zeh has trained the large-sized Vienna Philharmonia Chorus to sing with transparency and precise diction, as well as ceremonious brilliance.

Badener Tagblatt, Nike Luber

Besides the excellent soloists, the outstandingly rehearsed members of the Vienna Philharmonia Chorus also play their part in this unclouded enjoyment of Wagner's music.

Esslinger Zeitung, Dietholf Zerweck

The powerful, hundred-strong ensemble of the Vienna Philharmonia Chorus are decoratively arranged in their deer antler costumes.

Pamina Klassik online, Christine Gehringer

The Vienna Philharmonia Chorus (coached by Walter Zeh) delivered an impressive Pilgrims Chorus.

Pforzheimer Zeitung, Thomas Weiss

The Vienna Philharmonia Chorus, excellently rehearsed by Walter Zeh, also contributed to the musical persuasiveness of the production.

Opernglas, F. Schulter

The Vienna Philharmonia Chorus gave a convincing performance with cohesive singing.

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