Otello, Baden-Baden 2019


The most beautiful part of Robert Wilson’s staging is that it gives total freedom to music and that even the brilliant Philharmonia Chorus Vienna - together with the childrens chorus of the Baden- Baden paedagogicum - enters the stage only when it necessary for dramatical reasons.

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In the meantime the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna reliably rehearsed by Walter Zeh and in the second act supplemented by childrens chorus of the Baden-Baden paedagogicum, developed to one of the solid pillars of Baden-Badens own productions. Opulent richness and clear transparency of the choral parts guarantee for homogenous choral sound once again.

Stuttgarter Zeitung

... and it is impossible to sing the choral part in a more striking and impressive manner than the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna!

Schwäbische Kultur

The Philharmonia Chorus Vienna sings brilliantly.

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