Lucia di Lammermoor, Salzburg Festival 2022 Dr. Pitsch

Daniele Rustioni inspires the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna to a fast-paced and strong performance.

Kurier – H. C. Mayer

…. and the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna (coached by Walter Zeh) singing flawlessly.

Der Standard - Miriam Damev

… and the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna is animated to undreamed of efforts.

SN – Florian Oberhummer

And the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna, excellently coached by Walter Zeh, joined the concert performance with flexible and dramatic choral sound.

Abendzeitung – Walter Weidringer

… and the flawless Philharmonia Chorus Vienna ...

Die Presse – Walter Dobner

Coached perfectly the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna, performing precisesly and flexibly.

Drehpunkt Kultur – Reinhard Kriechbaum

Philharmonia Chorus Vienna coached by Walter Zeh, with a surplus of male voices, as necessary in this opera, performs successfully. This is just right so.

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