Les Pecheurs de Perles, Salzburg Festival 2018

Der Standard

Outstandingly disposed is the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna, prepared by Walter Zeh, balanced and homogenous, brilliant the ladies, resonant and transparent the men. In this opera the choir has a main function, commenting and accompanying. They should have had more time and generous tempi to sing their parts that are picturesque and full of melodies.

Das Opernglas, Y. Han

(...) as well as the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna (Prepared by Walter Zeh) showing a superb, homogenous and nuanced performance, it did not fall short in its finesse to the soloists, maybe even on the contrary.

Kronen Zeitung, H. Langwallner

Riccardo Menasi, the brilliant Mozarteum Orchestra and the outstanding Philharmonia Chorus Vienna (coached by Walter Zeh) brings ignition and fire, weaving a dense mesh of drama and sound.

Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung

Some Highlights were provided by the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna, creating atmosphere especially in thrilling scenes.


The Choir has a lot to do in the „Pearl divers“, the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna with its powerful voices  is excellently prepared by Walter Zeh.


The Philharmonia Chorus Vienna is performing with powerful voices, prepared by Walter Zeh.

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