I due Foscari, Salzburg Festival 2017

© Salzburg Festival, Marco Borrelli

Letter from conductor Michele Mariotti

My dear Maestro,

such a great pleasure to make music with your wonderful chorus. I was impressed by their colour, by their sound. I’ll never forget this expirience. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. With all my gratitude.

Letter from Plácido Domingo

Dear Professor Zeh!

A long time we make music together with your magnificent Philharmonia Chor. It’s a fantastic musical expirience with the beauty of sound and dramatic feeling in so few rehearsals. Looking very much for many more occasions in all the masterpieces of the repertoire. Congratulations Walter for your art!

Wiener Zeitung, pin

(...) and the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna earns praise for its perfect work too.

Drehpunktkultur, Heidemarie Klabacher

The Philharmonia Chorus Vienna, coached by Walter Zeh and in best disposition sings the important choral part.

Kurier, Helmut Christian Mayer

You can listen to the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna strong-voiced, with beautiful and very homogenous sound, coached by Walter Zeh.

Salzburger Nachrichten, Karl Harb

Mariotti not only coordinates and controls the comprimarii and the well studied Philharmonia Chorus Vienna but also gives them freedom, another sign of his competence.

Der Standard, Heidemarie Klabacher

The choral part is important, it gives local colouring to the opera e.g. with the song of the gondolieri, coming from afar or the voices of the senators and it is performed by the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna singing in best disposition.

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