I Capuleti e i Montecchi, Salzburg Festival 2023

Drehpunkt Kultur, Der Standard - Heidemarie Klabacher

A special „Bravi“ for the choir, commenting the action all the time. Screaming for war at a gathering or somehow listening behind the curtain full of compassion for Giulietta’s quest: the male choir of the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna, coached by Walter Zeh, sing in homogenous and multifaceted way.


Salzburger Nachrichten - Ernst P. Strobl

... this requires various choral parts, mastered flawlessly by the male choir of Walter Zeh’s Philharmonia Chorus Vienna.


… and the beautiful colours of the Choral sound of the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna.

Helmut Christian

The male choir of the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna, sovereignly coached by Walter Zeh can be heard singing with confidence, homogenously and beautiful choral sound.

Passauer Neue Presse - Elisabeth Aumiller

The Philharmonia Chorus Vienna shows remarkable choral singing culture, articulating very well.

BR Klassik - Franziska Stürz

In this opera the male choir of the Philharmonia Chorus Vienna may flare up or comment full of compassion, with a special merit in the latter.

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