Cherubini Requiem, Salzburg 2011

Salzburger Nachrichten

(...) and a mixed chorus of whom the highest standards of homogeneity and tonal quality are demanded (...) and a flawlessly beautiful and finely wrought choral presence. La Stagione Armonica (Sergio Balestracci) and the Vienna Philharmonia Chorus (Walter Zeh) present glowing examples of fervent declamation, stylistic gravitas and compact, luminous, powerful singing.

The Vienna Philharmonia Chorus, who already sang so lithely and nimbly in Mercadante's "I due Figaro", and the Italian ensemble La Stagione Armonica achieved a truly wonderful tonal unity, and, all the more crucial, a shared eloquence of diction. Every single word the chorus sang was properly declaimed and properly weighted.

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