Beethoven 9th Symphony, Grafenegg 2011

Kurier, Peter Jarolin

(...) … and in the finale, the young Colombian Orozco-Estrada delivers exactly what Beethoven intended: an anthemic, emphatic and resounding evocation of "joy, beautiful spark of divinity". Also thanks to the excellent Vienna Philharmonia Chorus (choral director: Walter Zeh) (...)

Kronenzeitung, Florian Krenstetter

(...) the orchestra lacked musical depth in the "You millions, I embrace you", but the Vienna Philharmonia Chorus made up for it with verve and agility.

Wiener Zeitung

(...) the Vienna Philharmonia Chorus had obviously been very well rehearsed by Walter Zeh., Boris Michael Gruhl

The Vienna Philharmonia Chorus, rehearsed by Walter Zeh, gave us a magnificent performance, showing restraint right up to the most extravagantly jubilant passages of the finale.

Wiener Zeitung

Plus the Vienna Philharmonia Chorus, little known hereabouts, with soaring sopranos and homogeneous male voices – all in all, an interpretation that made a pleasant change from the usual same old, same old renditions of this piece.

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